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Attention All Men Who Lift and Want To Build Muscle Faster

If you lift — and you’ve already gained your first 5 to 10 pounds of lean mass — then you are probably starting to experiencing something every guy struggles with eventually. You hit a muscle building plateau…

Think about it… When you first started lifting you probably just walked into a gym and the smell of the weights was enough to make you grow.

Yet once you got past that first growth spurt, how much more muscle have you really packed on? If the answer is “not much” then join the club. And there’s a good reason for it…

Your stalled growth is due to a principle called Homeostasis. After you achieve that first 5 to 10 lbs of muscle growth, you’re just not able to continue giving your body a strong enough stimulus to cause your muscles to grow anymore. No matter what you try or how hard you train…

Sure, you may be able to gain a couple more pounds in the next year or two, but if you ignore what’s going on you could be setting yourself up for ZERO muscle gains for the rest of your life.

Now before you start thinking you might as well cancel your gym membership. Let me assure you that you CAN add more muscle. Because the problem is NOT your muscles, it’s your workouts…

Just read this entire letter because the simple yet powerful method on this page is guaranteed to reignite your stalled muscle growth no matter how long you’ve been struggling with stalled muscle building.

Do you feel like exercises or workouts you know used to make you grow just aren’t working for you like they used to? Have you tried every muscle building nutrition trick under the sun and the gains still don’t come?

Or has your training partner kept growing while you fail to add a single ounce of new muscle? Well keep reading because you’re about to find out why…

Did you know your body has a “failsafe” that stops you from growing more muscle after you have gained the first 5-10 lbs? It’s called Anabolic Slowdown. And it’s your body’s way of saying it doesn’t want to spend any more energy or resources on building more muscle.

Think of it like this. A small town builds an electricity grid. The economy picks up, and folks start moving to town, building new houses.

With each new house, more of a burden gets placed on the grid until the town realizes the grid is at capacity. And instead of expanding the grid they ban all new building permits.

When you hit Anabolic Slowdown that’s exactly what’s happening. Instead of breaking through and expanding your grid, your body is just saying… “that’s enough. No more muscle.”

Remember, when you first started lifting you had very high “Anabolic Sensitivity.” That’s a fancy way of saying your muscle cells were primed to grow.

When that muscle growth started slowing down, you moved through Anabolic Slowdown and into Anabolic Resistance. This is where you stop growing no matter what you do.

Listen: Your body doesn’t care that you want to look like THE ROCK… it thinks you have enough muscle. After all, muscle is energetically expensive – Why would your body EVER let you build more than you need?

If you are going to fight Anabolic Resistance and FORCE your body to build more muscle… you are going to have to do something different… VERY different.

Conventional workouts just are not designed to provide the stimulus you need to renew your Anabolic Sensitivity.

I’m not talking about some fancy new rep scheme — I tried every workout under the sun from powerlifting to bodybuilding to athletic style training. If there is a “special” set and rep combination that works I’d know.

And I’m not talking about some secret way to do a rep — I thought it might be some kind of forced rep, or negative reps, or a special rep tempo — but I’ve tried all of those too. And none of that broke the barrier of my Anabolic Resistance.

The answer turned out to be more simple, yet very tough. It is a very specific combination of More Volume, More Progress, More Frequency AND More Rest and Recovery. This is the only way to your reclaim your Anabolic Sensitivity and restart your muscle building.

It took me 4 months of constant research to finally crack the code. To get technical, I discovered you need to harness the power of compounding acute-phase muscular inflammation pathways to initiate new satellite cell incorporation into your muscle cells.

Yeah… so I just called it Compound Cluster Cycles™ instead…

And in case you missed it in the geek-speak… it actually adds new satellite cells into your muscles! So you don’t just puff out, you add new fibres into your muscles.

Can you imagine how much more permanent and substantial that is than simply inflating your muscle cells with temporary volume?

Compound Cluster Cycles work because you are able to achieve a huge increase in volume and frequency of training without breaking down your body.

Volume and Frequency are basically how much total weight you lift and how often. And they are both critical factors to creating a growth stimulus.

Imagine, you are “clustering” an entire month’s worth of training into 1 week of workouts. Yet because you are cycling these clusters your body has lots of time to recover and build new muscle.

Listen: I was previously at my strongest back when I was in my mid-twenties. In case you’re wondering, that was more than a decade ago.

Back then I used to work in the supplement industry managing a Research and Development department of a major supplement company. I had access to EVERY SINGLE supplement I could ever want.

I took more supplements in a day then most people did in a week. Think I’m joking? Before I even THOUGHT of breakfast, I had already consumed 100 grams of protein from my two morning shakes! I was SERIOUS about building muscle.

I could mix supplements, double dose, pretty much do whatever I wanted… like I said, unlimited supply (Plus, I didn’t have two kids and a mortgage. I could train whenever I wanted for as long as I wanted).

And I’m now bigger and stronger then I was back then!

So here’s the deal – If you are not growing right now, even though you are spending hours in the gym every week, it’s not your fault. Yet now you know why and you can take responsibility for fixing it…

If you have found your way to this page, I’m impressed. It means you have actually worked hard enough in the gym to reach a point of Anabolic Slowdown.

Truth is, recreational off-again on-again lifters RARELY get Anabolic Slowdown.

And this program isn’t designed to work for them. It’s only for men like you.

Listen: Building muscle is HARD… almost anyone can build 5 or 10 pounds of solid muscle when they first start working out, and that’s why everyone builds programs for beginners.

However a workout program designed for experienced lifters? Forget about it.

It’s almost like there is some sort of conspiracy to keep you from gaining muscle…

The Anabolic Again Muscle Building Protocol is the EXACT program I used to overcome Anabolic Slow Down. It’s now been tested with impressive results on thousands of other men who THOUGHT they were “hard-gainers. And I’m about to share it with you.

Think of it this way… You are a high performance V8 engine. But the government doesn’t want you going too fast on the highway. So they force you to install a throttle that stops you from going above 60 miles an hour…

You are being robbed of your potential to go 200 miles an hour. And that’s a lot like what your body is doing when Anabolic Slowdown kicks in…

Now imagine being able to rip off that throttle so you can build as much muscle as your personal genetics will allow! I’m not saying you have the genes to be the biggest guy on the planet, or even in your gym.

However you do have a lot more muscle building potential left in you. And I guarantee that you will be impressed with just how much bigger and stronger you can get.

And won’t that feel amazing to walk into the gym in a couple months from now and put more weight on the bar than you’ve used in years, or maybe ever? And you’ll know that every other guy in the gym — even those “kids” with testosterone coming out their ears — is looking at you and wondering how the heck you started growing so fast again…

The Anabolic Again system took 4 months to test and perfect.

I went back through the last ten years of my training journals and I picked my favorite workout routines and then condensed them and made them better. I used the strength of one program to cancel out the weaknesses of the other.

I studied all the relevant research papers to figure out why each of the programs worked so well and how they could be combined.

Then, to make sure I hadn’t completely lost my mind, I sent my “Frankenstein” program off to my contacts who were PhD’s in Biomechanics and Exercise Physiology. They all agreed – It was a radical approach to training, unlike anything they had ever seen and it just might work.

At 10 PM on a Monday night I started my first Anabolic Again workout. By 10:45 that night, I was done.

Within the first three days I made big strength improvements. In three days I had accomplished what usually takes at LEAST a month.

And I continued to break personal records EVERY SINGLE WEEK.

Within 12 weeks I was bigger and stronger than I had been in years.

I was FINALLY growing again! In twelve weeks I gained almost 6 pounds of muscle mass. To a hard gainer like me suffering from anabolic slowdown, this was nothing short of remarkable.

Remember, the starting point for Anabolic Again was my favorite workouts — the ones that made me grow the most and get the strongest.

And four in particular make up the heart of Anabolic Again.

I borrowed the Frequency innovations of an old school powerlifting protocol by a guy named Boris Sheiko. I adopted the set and rep schemes of the famous 5/3/1 protocol by Jim Wendler. I was inspired by the Volume principles in my good friend John Barban’s Adonis Effect. And I took the Rest Period principles of Mike Mentzer’s HIT training.

So you see I’m standing on the shoulders of giants when I preach the muscle building power of the Anabolic Again program.

Look, the formula seems simple. More volume, more frequency, more progression and more rest. And I’ve seen a lot of guys try to “wing it” and do it on their own.

The results are never pretty…

Guys try to figure out the specifics of the Compound Cluster Cycle method without the step by step instructions in the Anabolic Again handbook.

At best they end up frustrated because they can’t break through their Anabolic Slowdown. At worst they end up injured or overtrained because they can’t put all the pieces together…

You see, the Anabolic Again protocol is highly strategic and specific. The workouts aren’t long. The exercises are not fancy. Yet they are meant to be done in a very precise, targeted, and unconventional way in order to see the results you desire.

Listen: As I already mentioned this program is for a very specific lifter. I don’t want you to waste your money if it’s not for you. So make sure you read below to see if you qualify…

HOWEVER, if you are the type of person willing to dedicate 12 weeks of your life to the most unconventional, controversial anabolic muscle building protocol ever invented, and you are willing to give 100% effort, and understand how amazing it would be to gain even 1 more ounce of muscle and FINALLY start growing again THEN THIS IS THE WORKOUT PROTOCOL FOR YOU!

You have NOT reached your genetic limit. No matter how long you’ve been training you still have dormant muscle growth that can be turned on.

And this is the best part – Once you build new growth potential with the Anabolic Again muscle building protocol, that growth potential is PERMANENT!

You are adding new fibers into your muscle cells that will always be available, even if you stop training. So when you start working out again your gains seem to come so quickly.

Bodybuilders call it “muscle memory.” Yet it’s simply the fact that you’ve created that permanent growth factor in your muscles.

Listen, the only trainers I respect charge over 500 dollars a month for online personal coaching.

Now I guess I’m tooting my own horn… yet the Anabolic Again Muscle Building Protocol is better than what 99% of those personal trainers understand about building muscle. Especially for guys like us who face Anabolic Slowdown.

Look, you could hire a personal trainer, take all the supplements in the world, and you still WON’T be able to overcome Anabolic Slowdown. And it will cost you at least double what you’ll invest today in Anabolic Again, which you will use for life.

This is your opportunity to take the bull by the horns and finally start growing again.

Listen: This is what worked for me and my all my test subjects. Yet if for some reason it doesn’t work for you, no worries. You have my 100% money back guarantee.

And if that’s not enough… How’s this for a REAL guarantee? This is the INTERNET. I can’t hide from you — I’m on Twitter, and Facebook, and Youtube, and Instagram… I can’t sell you a workout and then go hide under a rock…

Remember, I’m putting my professional reputation on the line. I’m the author of one of the most famous online diet books ever written, I am not about to sacrifice that reputation to sell a workout program unless I know it works.

So if at any time in the next 60 days you are not 100% satisfied with your Anabolic Again results, just let me know and I’ll refund your money — all of it — the same day.

Since I’m not sure how long the program will be available at this price, make sure you take action today and avoid paying more later…

The bottom line is that scale weight is a horrible way to measure muscle growth.

Circumferences and girths are better, but they still do not give you a truly accurate description of muscle building. Enter the Muscle Index. A two-step, 15 component system to identify TRUE changes in your Muscle Mass.

This is the most simple to use and accurate way to measure your success. Just plug in your numbers and the calculator does the rest.

Think about it… If you’ve been lifting and you don’t look bigger and feel stronger today than you did 6 months ago… Then things aren’t going to be any better in 6 months from now unless you do something radical to get a different result…

You will continue to go back to those old workout routines that worked for you back in the day, only to be disappointed yet again with slow or no results.

Your workout partner and other guys at the gym will keep getting gains while you feel like you might even be losing strength and size.

You’ll spend another 6 months struggling to add 5 measly pounds to the bar without success. And you may even find that weights that seemed easy before get more challenging.

Your Anabolic Slowdown will turn into full fledged Anabolic Resistance while guys using the Compound Cluster Cycle method will be enjoying their biggest gains since their early 20s.

And you’ll look back 6 months from now and wonder why you wasted all that time in the gym and still look exactly the same as you do today.

Look, I know that sounds harsh… But I believe in telling it like it is. Heck, I’ve lived through the exact same thing. It’s not what I want for you and I’m pretty sure it’s not what you want for yourself. And I want to make it easy for you to make the savvy choice today that will put you back on the path to Anabolic Sensitivity, new strength gains, and pounds of new muscle…

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Yours In Anabolic Sensitivity…
Brad Pilon

PS — Remember you do not have to decide today. You can try Anabolic Again at today’s discounted price for a full 60 days and experience the muscle gains for yourself. If you aren’t totally satisfied just email me and you’ll get your money back the same day.

PPS — Muscle is healthy. HOWEVER: Your body will fight the muscle building process after you reach your first 5 to 10 lbs of lean muscle… to the point to where your typical workouts will no longer work.

Most workouts are designed for beginners. And that won’t work for an advanced lifter like you. Sure, the principles are the same, yet dramatic changes must be made if you want to keep growing

As I explained in the third section of this letter, you have been lied to if you think you can keep building muscle forever on typical muscle building programs. Your body WILL fight against building more muscle.

However you CAN rebuild your Anabolic Sensitivity and pack on more muscle. And you have NOT reached your genetic limit. The Anabolic Again Muscle Building Protocol is designed to help even the most advanced lifter build more muscle. And trust me when I say you CANNOT find this muscle building System anywhere else.

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Click here to get Anabolic Again Muscle Building Protocol at discounted price while it’s still available…

All orders are protected by SSL encryption – the highest industry standard for online security from trusted vendors.

Anabolic Again Muscle Building Protocol is backed with a 60 Day No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee. If within the first 60 days of receipt you are not satisfied with Wake Up Lean™, you can request a refund by sending an email to the address given inside the product and we will immediately refund your entire purchase price, with no questions asked.


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